Thursday, August 04, 2005

Just some things to say here

Insurance Agents are fugging irritating. Get off my back. . . .pls! Especially more so if you are from CITY HARVEST!

I can FINALLY blade properly. Getting my own pair of blades real soon.

Work was damn unproductive. Just cant get anything done.

I am a pirate freak. Bought over 100 SGD worth of pirated DVDs last week. Just to inform, Holiday plaza was raided over the past week. Choices are down to a all time low. But i know they will be back. . .soon! M'sia Bagus!

I am contemplating to get a crumpler bag. 230 SGD. Should i buy? I hate my laptop bag.

Finally. . .

It was a gr8 day out with you. Finally seeing you on your own feet. But i wish i could be the one holding yout hand. ;)

I can't cry hard enough
No, I can't cry hard enough
For you to hear me now

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