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Friday, September 09, 2005

Another stupid letter in Shitty Times. .

Skydiving is too risky for S'poreans

I refer to the article about skydiving that appeared not too long ago in The Straits Times.

I believe that skydiving is too dangerous a recreational activity to be made available to the people.

Even the safety of professionals cannot be guaranteed, let alone the people new to the sport.

Roger Nelson, founder of the Skydive Chicago was an accomplished skydiver. Yet he died in a freak skydiving accident in June 2003.

Even an instructor, who has dived several times, could not free himself from malfunctioning equipment. What chance of survival would a student have facing the unknown? Roger Nelson is not the only case.

Several people have lost their lives in skydiving.

Skydiving's an intricate process. When one tiny malfunction in the equipment occurs, it causes a chain reaction that effectively seals a person's fate.

A spare parachute may help to reduce the risk but if it was really that effective, why are so many people still dying due to freak accidents?

Also, if we factor in weather considerations, we would have a lot of problems to contend with.

Steering the parachute while airborne is not as simple as it looks. It's even harder when unpredictable winds blow the skydiver in all directions. These winds can occur instantaneously without any warning.

After overcoming these two problems, we still have one more to take care of - landing. Just one slight mistake could cost you a trip to the hospital.

Recently, a commando injured himself while rehearsing for the National Day Parade as a result of landing problems. The commando was a veteran.

I hope you can see why I do not think skydiving is a safe sport.

Cheong Fu Ginn


Driving is very dangerous. The government should look into the matter and steps taken to discourage or ban driving in Singapore. Look at the death rates and accidents in Singapore. I am in utter shock to see how people drive in Boat Quay. This must be put to an immediate end - Driving in Singapore.

Why not ban playing soccer too? high chance of fracturing your limbs and a few freaky incidents of heart failure while playing it

Forum and internet is dangerous too. That according to survey, more young individuals are indulgd in some sleazy activities and it gets worst for kids with GF will resort to Auto-erotic Strangulation that in most cases led to death. I hope the authority will look into this and ban internet.

Izzit the papers, the writer or wad? THis is just getting plain stupid.

ST should stop publishing this kind of stupid letters. Whoever is the editor should be sacked man. This kind of letter serves no purpose at all except to show how shallow the writer is.

To Cheong Fu Ginn
Be Responsible for your life and don't be a Sillyporean!!!, everything in life got risk, know your limits and play safe.

Nowadays ppl getting stupider and stupider.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised at all the commotion raised over a simple assignment.
Firstly, there is completely no need to criticise any individual, student or grownup, with what ever organisation or school. What if it was a bad letter? Are you saying that no one should be allowed to send a letter of opinion to the Straits Times if it is below standard?

Here you might say I am putting that last sentence into your mouth. But that is precisely what many have been doing. Please, actually read the letter. Note that Mr Cheong did not yell outrageously for a blanket ban on skydiving. Yet many have mocked his "suggestion", making comparisons to banning eating and breathing. That is completely uncalled for.

What are you and other commentors trying to prove? That you are good at criticising others? Or that Mr Cheong is a bad writer? Are you going to judge a person based solely on a letter to the ST? In this way I, and many others as well, would judge you and the other detractors to be shallow, mean, intolerable snobs who find amusement in picking on an individual's single LETTER to the ST.

When every single detracting and rude comment is completely uncalled for, pointless and a merely baseless insult to Mr Cheong's character and opinions.

Missy M&M said...

To the anonymous coward who left the message here. I do hope you come back and read this.

Firstly, yes, below standard letters shouldn't be publish. Why waste column space to publish a uncalled for letter?

Secondly, are you Mr Cheong? This is the author's personal blog..he has ever right to write whatever he want!

You are slaming the writer here too don't you think? The BLACK kettle calling another kettle

I've also wrote a post on it and if you want to, you can slam mine too.. bah..