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Monday, September 26, 2005

Of Masks and Hypocrisy

Almost everyone wears a mask everyday. This mask is either to protect them or to assist them to acheived certain things in life...

Maybe hypocrites is a harsh word but certainly we all learn to wear a mask from young.. Remember the little gangster bully you in you primary school days? or that unfriendly, nerdy looking girl sitting in the corner of your class?

They are wearing different kind of mask to hide away the weak/ soft spot from the rest...

Kids nowadays learn this skill since young, u can see how they behave in schools, so guai, so good boy good girl, and in front of parents n maids, a totally different face. So not surprised to see adults behave like this.

People like CEOs, big bosses, wear the "I am concern about you" mask in front of the TV for publicity sake... As everyone want to be look upon as a good, benevolent, warm person to gain popularity which will in term push their business up the ladder.

Actually dont need to be CEO or bigshot to be hypocrite, this is a skill everyone knows, just whether we use it often anot.

Sad to say this...

But WE are all Hypocrites in our own right.

When the time comes, we become the people we don't want to be.

This is how I felt about ppl lah... Most of us are quite pretentious... Could be a side effect of a developed society..

So many back-stabbers in working life, everyone can't wait to see you fall. How to survive in this modern society?

So in short,

Show ur spirit, hide your weakness.
Show ur weakness and your opponents have u for supper.

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