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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Saw this headline on the news yesterday. . .
"New buildings required to install more cubicles in female restrooms"

Even with more cubicles, women will still take more time in the loo than men. For men, it's fast and simple:
1) Unzip

2) Position
3) Let loose
4) Shake it
5) Zip
6) Wash hands
7) Dry
8) Exit toilet

Of course, I've seen my share of those who don't wash their hands or don't dry it properly, along with other optional activities like hair combing, zit squeezing, etc.

For women, I'm not really sure but it definitely involves more actions and they do usually preen more in front of the mirror.

Toilet is a place to dump and leave........

For women.. the toilet's a freaking socializing place.

Guy go toilet for small business
1 min

Gals go toilet minimum 5mins


ashleyelhsa said...

unless you're ash and des. then the girl usually finishes faster (except on occasions where there is a queue). haha.

candy said...

aiyah got to wipe the disgusting toliet seats first ma... sometimes time of the takes longer time loh..somemore so long queue one..