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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Ok ok. . it has jus been a great week. . celebrating my 18th birthday with u ppl. Thanks for all the luuuuurving. .I will just die a happy man.

Celebration @ KBOX



Beauties + Handsome. .

Celebration @ Rouge
Did not manage to capture any gr8 pics here. Poor lighting and all of them were busy trying to get me drunk. And they succeed.

No alcohol for the next 1 month. Promise.

In my vague memory, this was what happen.

Whats a bday like without presents from those dearies of mine. .

Crumpler bag! Eyeing this since god knows when! I lurve it to bits!

Cute little note book

A authentic arsenal jersey! Never expected it as a gift. Sweet!

20 GB Color IPOD! Haha. .a gift from myself. Thanks Eugene!

I just love Birthdays gifts!

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