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Monday, September 12, 2005

Latest score.

Mozzie Bloodsuckrs 1 PAP Bloodsuckrs 0

PAP getting its arse kicked by Mozzies.

Finally, there are better bloodsuckers in town than PAP.

Come to tink bout it, those overpaid ArseStar* scientists shud be doing something useful like findin a vaccine or smthing, instead of inventing some shitty urine-powered crap.

And to Mr Anonymous, SCREW U BIG TIME, understand!

Who are you to say me?

I am just statin what i feel and thats it. How dare u come and shit in my place and still cry father cry mother.

This is my cyber home and i want to decorate my home how i want to. U have no farking say in it.

And i can say GET A LIFE! Its old chips off the block like you thats preventing S'pore from moving forward.

BLEH! And if you got BALLS, write down your name. Dont just leave a Anonymous.


Thanks to Mango for sharing my views. .

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