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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The next hottest thing on your TV. . . .

Oh man, she just has the word HOT written all over her. She's the next best thing that has happened on TV after Lana Lang on Smallville.

Just in case you dunno, her name's Andrea Chow and she's a recent addition to the current line of news presenter @ Channel News Asia.

She made watching news a joyful event.

A captivating news reporter on channel newsasia, both news-reporting technique and appearance sense, with her alluring occasional smile, i'm just simply bewitched by her. her charisma is really beyond words.

I'll give 5 yrs of my life away to spend a weekend with her in a classy hotel where the door is programed to open on day of check-out only,a well-stocked wine chiller and butler service for meals.. . joking la.

She has the kind of face i would like to make gentle love with for the weekend, and if she moans.......and asks for more, I'll add another year.

Beware, her smiles can hold you spellbound!

If she gets any hotter, i think i will just die of heat stroke!

Ladies, just watch and learn from her body langauage. The way she walks and talks, and I assure you, MEN will come flocking after you like bees to flowers.

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