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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

In regards to my post on how to get to the Forbes top 10 richest man in the world. .i think i might have found an answer. . .

If I setup agency to help organisation monitor blogs ... sure make $ ??

Good idea right?

Can win young enterpeneur award?

Different organisations can engage my service ...
now, even schools suspend students for blog flaming their teachers. .

But seriously, they got tables, they got chairs, and hell they even got the farkin walls and ceilings to scribble on, but these stupid chicks had to go blog about them with specified names, that's just stupid.

They dont know meh?

Its goodbye to free speech here. Cannot talk about army, blog about life as SCDF medic = Jail, racist remarks = $3000 fine + up to 6 years jail, now writing about greviences against teachers = suspend. I think they better close down all public forums in the papers. Just let that tourists write their praises about how clean Singapore streets are.

Signz. . There reali isnt any freedom to do anything in sg...

SG is fallin apart right infront of our eyes

Just a classic case of the nails sticking out frm the plank so muz use sledgehammer to whack it back into the board.

Make sure the nail head is completely flattened into the board with a dent so it can never have a 2nd chance of popping up again.

I hope it wont have the opposite effect of raising rebels instead.

ok lah ok lah. . .
i luv my principal, teachers n frens.

sg gahmen is da best in the world.

racial harmony rulz.

PAP 万岁! PAP 万岁!


Leon said...

You deliberately mispelled 'government', you gonna get jailed! Don't say I never warn you!

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