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Thursday, September 01, 2005

MY Traffic Police Gives 50 Percent Discount

Traffic police will give a 50 percent discount to all traffic offenders except for those under "Ops Sikap" and which have been issued a warrant of arrest, in conjunction with the Merdeka celebrations.

The offer, to start from Thursday will run till Sept 22, Bukit Aman Traffic Chief, Datuk Gingkoi Seman Pancras said at a press conference here, Monday.

Those in this category must meet the police to settle their summonses, he said, adding that the discount offer was a "good" way of settling summonses that had not been paid since 1999 amounting to RM3.4 million.

I heard they are also going to introduce a special VIP card to reward their regular customers and it's expected that this card carries a 20% discount for each summon.

I think this card can also accumlate rewards points.

So what's next?
Jail term gt discount?

This world is getting crazier every minute. .

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