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Sunday, September 18, 2005

To squeeze out that last bit of brain juice. .

Here's the rules...

"Everybody has to cross the river".
The following rules apply:
*Only 2 persons on the raft at a time
*The father can not stay with any of the daughters without their mother's presence
*The mother can not stay with any of the sons without their father's presence
*The thief (striped shirt) can not stay with any family member if the Policeman is not there
*Only the Father, the Mother and the Policeman know how to operate the raft
*To start click on the big blue circle on the right.
*To move the people click on them.
*To move the raft click on the pole on the opposite side of the river.

Enjoy !

1 comment:

Leon said...

Too easy! More more! =P