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Sunday, July 03, 2005

l learnt the meaning of life ... again..

thru roller blading that is..

before u hit the back button and try to brush it as another nosensical post... so be it.

Puttin on the pair of blades and tryin to stand still for the 1st few second is like being independent on your own.

It feels funny.

It feels as if u r gonna fall off anytime.. but u jus gotta get use to it.

With wheels at ur feet, it makes travelling faster..but 1st u goota learn to adapt. Jus like changing to a new job, or b it anything new...

As i begin to blade and blade, i realise "hey, isnt this life is like?"

Downhill at some point, Uphill at some point..

when downhill, Things gets a bit easier and we tend to relax.

Uphill, we jus goota push abit harder..and endure till the end and the reward is satisfying. But it doesnt stop there. Beyond tat hill lies a even bigger hill. U just cant rest ur laurels and say " I made it"

Then at some point, things get abit wobbly and it looks as if u gonna fall. But we jus have to change our stance and regain balance again.

Just like in life, things might seem destined to fail, but jus change the way u do things and the results will b different. Fools are those who do things the same way and expects different results.

Half way thru, i fell

Fell heavily i did.

I cant sit there and cry. I gotta pick myself up agaain. Pain, it was. But at least i know i learnt something. I learnt another way how to fall. and not to do it again.

But i did not pick myself up on my own. Friends did.

Without their help, i would have taken 5 times longer to stand up. THe importance of friendship.

Even passerby stopped to help.

Even in life, ppl might jus unexpectly come in and give u the little nudge or push.

Friends. What would become of me without them?

It was tiring. I took a break. and i found myself blading better after it.

Rest we must, to live to fight tomorrow.

Take tat little time to enjoy the beautiful things in life.

Our body is not to be abused. Take little breaks to go on longer.

Life, it seems, is a path of winding roads. Uphills and downhills. Full of potholes.

Who said life was ever easy?

Cliche or even gayish it might sounds, but tats wat i realise while blading..SERIOUS!

I can sometimes be quite philosophical one HOR!

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