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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sometime ago on CNA, they reported that CNA placed unattended bags at bus-stops, Raffles Place MRT area and Orchard Shopping areas.

Most people in Singapore simply ignore the bags.........most people seem unconcerned or not curious at all. Nobody call the police.....!! Shocking !!!

So i guess being, well.., Singaporeans, what Sporeans need is incentive.


1. Police give out$20/= voucher for exchanging peanuts at FairPrice for person who first reported about suspicious bags, objects any where anytime in Sunkenpore.

2. Inform Public that to create awareness, Police will place bogus bags etc at every where. Those who reported can get a their toilet tap change to Titatium type, no less.
Included is a complete makeover of the toliet to Italian marble, toiliet seat, and sink, and tiles, not to mention throw in the shower too, no need sliding door. I could very well guess that the winner will want to sit on the 'throne' and feel like a millionare, eating his peanuts.


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