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Monday, July 04, 2005

It fuggin rained in the morning.

I say there should be citerias to b met before it can rain.

Anyone up there who is controlling the rain, pls read on.

  1. It shld never rain on a working day
  2. Rain, if any on a working day, should stop by the time i am ready to leave the house.
  3. Rain, if any on a non-working day, should stop only when i had enough of my masculine sleep.
  4. Rain, if any on a non working day, should be accompanied by strong howling winds, with very dark clouds, to simulate night again, and my body cant tell the difference, and my brain would jus continue to shut off.
  5. No thunder pls. I am afraid of them. Serious!
  6. I dont like drizzles. Want to come, come a big one. Dont be like a pussy and come abit here n there.

Pls pls pls....can-a-not? *puss-in-boots looks*

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