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Friday, July 22, 2005

Spending 23 dollars to buy a 5 million dollar dream.

But it was not to be in the end. Shitz!

Hate taxi drivers who keep talking to me. Jus shut your trap up and concentrate on driving. What? I am suppose to keep u entertained ar, izzit? Screw U!

Or-b-kud, blog kena hacked. Serves you right, you attention seeking whore. Boo! hehehe..huh? who huh?
The blog site kena hacked like wanna die like that.
My harddisk crash a few times also like that. life goes on.

The blogsphere is pretty happening these few days.

Must get my popcorn ready. More (good) shows coming up, I think. I will be keepin my eyes on YOU. My RSS Reader will be my best friend.


Its 2 freakin am. What the hell am i doin here.

Ok..over n out..zzzzz...

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