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Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Eugene, can you pls come out for a while?
Shit...what happen? Look Serious man..

We talk in the room..
Damn..let me recall what have i done wrong.

Eugene, I got something to tell you.
Ok..whatever it is..i am sorry bout it....ok?
Sometimes i can b such a blur mispacing the room key..(really! It happen jus last week)

Na...heres a little something from the company.
WTF, letter of termination ar? So fast..only 1 month leh..
Talk about self confidence here...

The management feels that you have done a good job for the ...... Heres a little appreciation from us.
WAD!!!!??? Did i hear wrongly?
A cheque of $XXX??? (hehe..sorry)
Never in a million years I would xpect this

We think you have worked really hard for this.... and we are please with it...(something along that line lar)
OMFG! I was jus doin my job thats all..what have i done to deserve it?

Last time i would have said "Thank God"..but now i would say.."Eugene, you are just fuckin lucky"

Anyway i would like to thank my colleagues who thinks so highly of me.

I am flattered.


Met a friend later for Sakae dinner. And she got a treat..

She met me at the right time.

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