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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Hi friends.

As some of you know, I jus embarked on a Cambodia Volunteer Work not too long ago.

Together with 11 of my teammates, we came back totally changed from the experience there.

So in order to substain our work there, we have launched a fund raising campaign.

Basically our group is call SINGAPORE LAH, meaning Singapore Lend A Hand.

The benificiary of this whole campaign will be a hospital in Cambodia call CCMH, Center for Child Mental Health. As the name suggests, its a center for the mentally disabled children in Cambodia.

If you dont know, Cambodia was ravaged in the late 1970s by a person call Pol Pot. This tyrant together with his band of soldiers called themselves the Khmer Rouge. This military group mastermind and carried out the massacare of more than a million innocent civilians.

Until today, the effects of the dark era is still being felt today, and has affected the later generations.

Health care is never a piority in this country. What ever little budget the govt. has is being channeled to military use and also to corruption. Sad but true.

There are millions of cambodias still lacking of basic healthcare, even in this 21st century.

So we have decide to adopt this little unknown center that seeks to provide basic rehabilitation and care to mentally disabled children. These children are the future of Cambodia and we hope that these young kids will in the end recover and go on to serve their country.

There you have it.

We are looking for volunteers to help us to sell some handicrafts to the public.

ALL funds collected will be use for the benefit of the Hospital.

Your effort will be greatly appreciated by SINGAPORE LAH group, and most importantly the children at CCHM.

Do drop me a mail/comment if you wish to contribute or know more about this project.

FYI, this project is supported by YMCA Singapore, CITIBank Group and Singapore International Foundation.

Thanks for bearing with me for this long post.

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Leon said...

Sure or not? Wait you get 12 months bonus how?