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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A conversation with a friend went like this today:

XX: she drives nw.. mitsibishi colt.
Me : fuck man, i m a loser. . damn it
XX: y? she earns $3k/mth leh..
Me: y y y ?
XX: anw, it's neva practical to compare such kind of thing. stupid..
Me: am i such a failure, slog like mad . . work like hell, still earn less. .
XX: u define success as having cars, etc.. so u think u failed..
XX: dun be a fool to think this way
Me: its not been successful anot, its always like this out there. .people tend to compare ur material wealth mre than anything
XX: y fa ll into such category, u shld be sensible enuff
Me : i got no choice bro, its like this out here.
XX: u hav a choice
Me:u have the $$, u r the king
XX: dun be crazy
Me:no $$ no talk. .serious!
XX: u shld adjust ur thinkin . . . .
XX: eugene... pls dun scare me.. not the "truth" thing.. but u.. r u still eugene
Me: sorry. .but deep dwn its really me. .i really yearn to drive big cars, have load shit of $$, and have ppl to respect me. . sorry if i sound damn suerficial. . hehe

Am i not right?
Money DO get u to places..

On a lighter note, browse thru a forum today and this was what some ppl are posting!

Know her?

Yes, Xiaxue aka YanYan aka Wendy Cheng

and since she always boast bout her photoshopshop skills, this was wad sm forumers decided to show her instead. .

Wahahahhaha..isnt tat jus funny? hahaha


Planet of the Apes. . ha hah ah a

Sun Wukong. .I just cant stop laughing. .

Err. . I know! Dolphin! Hahhaha. .the power of photoshop.


This is it. . hope this can happen in real life. .wahahahaha

Hahaha...shld be a model for all our recruits in Tekong. .

Not surprising. . hehehhehe

"Nuff said.

Enjoy while it last.

Disclaimer:The above pics are not done by me. Its posted in sm forum and i decide to post here for the enjoyment of the readers here. Its all done in the name of fun and pls do not see if u are offended by it. . hahahahaha

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Leon said...

Mwahaha! Thanks for sharing a good laugh. =)