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Saturday, July 02, 2005


I told myself i wont do it..but temptation just got the better of me

I thought this wont be happenin to me again.. but it did

I had told everyone else i dont like it..but i do it in the end

Ladies n Gentlemen..I revived my blog..abiet a different address..

Truely, Madly..

After readin 123934923093 blogs for the past months, my hands were itchin again..

I realise the need to write down my thoughts, to tell my friends what i would not dare to say face to face.

First my MS9805 friends n buddies..I can only say sorry. A pathetic sorry is what i can muster so far. I m sorry how a broken relationship had affected so many people. I can only say I am ashame, ashame of myself. Ashame of what i have done to her and to u guys. I had only one request.

To say I AM HER that is. If by any chance YOU are reading this,

For hurting you

Just wanna say again..I love U..always n matter if u remember me or not..

Moving on from here. Let the past 2 yrs b a sweet memory close to our heart.

If u wish to.

I had always fear meetin u on the street. Would u run away? I will..because i am guilty.

And i m ashame to look at u again..

If u ever see me on the street, jus turn away ok?

Closing this chapter, with a kiss.

Dont let me dream of u again..pls..

I hate to dream of u and find u gone when i wake up.

Loving you...


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