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Saturday, July 02, 2005


ok..enough of the sad story..*wipe tears*..

Weeeee! It has been a gr8 few months!

ANL friends have never been more fun!

Cambodia Project is taking off!

Bangkok was a eye opener

And a new job to boot!


For now let me jus take things slowly

But in a nutshell, things have been goin well.
New Job,
Rekindling NEW friendship,
a NEW dimension to a old friendship,
NEW laptop,
and hopefully a NEW love soon..

How bout that?

I wanna say its really some amazing time spent with some AMAZING ppl..

my good talk cock buddy, Mr Lak, Mr Vin, Mr Gan. U guys jus rock. I salute u all!

my good gal pals: Rach, Steph, Cand, Cora..oh n hw can i forget Claine? Standin by me when everything jus screw up, and not judgin me...Dun worry, i wont forget the times in NYP. and Jing Ying..for sharing your plans with me..askin me for advice..i tell u..i m really flattered...thank u..

my BESTEST of Friend: Mr Yong SQ..i tell u, HE's E MAN! If theres smone i will lay my life for, it HAS to b him. He's jus there matter wat. Words alone cant describe our friendship..Pri 5 tiill now...'nuff said

Pls pls pls...dont let the good times end. I am so afraid friends will leave me, friendship disappearing over time..pls pls pls..i beg of u guys...dont leave me alone ok? I am afraid of the dark.....REALLY!

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