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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Why do i always do things that i say i will never do?

I said I will never watch Initial D...

but i caught it today. i shall attempt to do a little review here. ..all young gals out there.if u do not want to see any JAY bashing, pls click on the back button immediately... :p

To me, the show is jus like another over-hyped thing. It looks more like a MTV to me than a movie.

A Jay Chou MTV that is.

U can jus blank out all the dialogue, put in some JAY-RAP music, and it could pass off as Jay's latest MTV. Notice how i said JAY's MTV. Not Edison, not Shawn.. But seriously i really pity these 2 guy. Havin to play second fiddle to this little guy here.

But then again.. when i think of Hollywood's Racing shows, (Gone in 60 secs, Torque, Too fast Too Furious), Initial D really got alot of catching up to do.

Only 3 or 4 cars to show for.

The cars are jus so plain looking

'nuff said

No babe factor

The same old racing route , Mount-dunno-wat

No obvious story plot, its jus Jay, Jay and more Jay

How the hell Japanese speak such fluent Chinese / Cantonese

The bad guys look fugly

I suspect this show is jus meant for Jay as a stepping stone to launch his acting career.

But i mus admit Jay look damn cool.

I think he wasnt acting at all, he's just being himself

Oh man, I m jealous. Bleah!

And his short answers as well.

May b i should try it on my Dad's Altis..hehe..dun play play ok.oso Toyota what!

Wah lau..Jay..y mus u copy my style?
Fucker.... somemore look so fierce...y cant b like me? smile smile lar...


Rachel said...

Hey Eugene next time before you post any pic...pls spare a thought for those pple seeing it... I nearly vomitted out my dinner lor...what an insult to my Idol.. *Eugene sucks*

Yeh I watched the show too on to agree with you that's its all abt Jay,...but then we just LOVE IT!!

earthian said...

Freaking Farnee lor...Your Picture!! Wah lua eh... K lar K lar... To boost your tiny ego, here I goes...

Hey! That was such a pix! It's look great... Jay should not copy your style wor... HAIyooo.... Like you say... Somemore black face..Smile smile nicer mah!! Heheh.....................

The above author has just faint and drop to the ground outta vomiting....

ps: Eh!! Dun put claine leh....

Eugene said...

sorry lar..i only know u by one name lar...Claine..