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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


The number of blogspots blog i read every other day. And this doesnt include blogs with their own domains and those that are hosted with other blog sites.

How funny it is that we are all so interested in other people's life.

Its also amazing to see how blogs have shaped the world around us today. Jus talk about the rexent NKF case. It caused such a big hooha within the blogging community. Almost everyone blogs bout it. Be it

Aiyah..sorry lar.. dunno how to put my thoughts to words. U know what i am trying to say right?

Anway i discovered something new to help keep track of my fav blogs.

U jus put in the URL, and jus like ur Outlook, whenever theres a new post in ANY of the blogs, it will sound off an alarm. hehe , no lar, jus a small beep. It really help save alot of time typing in those address and checkin out for new posts.. its really cool..go check it out..

Anyway on a totally different note, its really disheartening to see far some people can get to attract attention.

Fancy posting crude nude pictures, bordering on pornography..pui!
Mr KS.. shame on you. What a bad example you have set out here.

What has blogging and fame brought to you?


1 comment:

Mangomonger said...

Ouch..that's did u managed to get that pic???

Anyway I think KS sucks! Pui!