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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

When ask by reporters how he felt about the ongoing NKF-SPH fiasco, this is what one of our high-profiled minister had to say..

What happen? I dun know. No comments lah.

Nation Day and Election coming, you know.

Singapore's reputation under my rule must be like a shinning armour.

See more millionaires and higher GDP and Singapore limelight in IOC.

I only hear and deliver the good news.

SPH, stop stirring up shit.

No more bad news for now. Let the running dogs out.

NKF, start clearing up your shit.

Yes, Mrs (Lau)Goh and your shit.

For these, you and your crooks will donate one kidney each. And I want THAT gold water tap moved to my toilet by tomorrow morning.

Good Day! ^_^

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