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Thursday, July 07, 2005

I had wanted NYC to win..but...
I would expect Paris to win. becos..

For political reason, Chirac is antiwar whereas Blair is a crony of Bush admin.

For social reason, the wives of the olympic memebers may prefer Paris for holiday rather than the boring London.

But alas, Chirac is overconfident and arrived late.

Blair played his sincerity well.

By the way, what has Beckham got to do with this? He is not even a Olympic medalist.

Watching the highlights of the IOC meeting, the greatest disgrace is when Jacinta A sang the Singapore anthemn.

What has the Singapore national anthemn got to do with the Olympics.

If so..shouldnt they be singing the anthems of the 5 bid cities as well?

Bad taste and disgrace...shows that the singapore organizers don't even know what the right protocol for an international show is.

Just fixated on maximizing publicity.

Crude...just like their pappy masters.

Opps..hope i dont get called up and have tea with..err.. ___________(fill in your own garment stat board here).

But on a different note,

Should let SIngapore host the olympics because WE ARE GOING TO THE WORLD CUP in 2010!!!


I am a fucking bastard.

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