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Monday, July 04, 2005

The friend whom i watch Initial D with had this to say:

The first thing you realise about the show is that Jay Chou is OBVIOUSLY more famous than Edison Chen who is CONFIRM CHOP more famous than Shawn Yue because Jay Chou Kicks everyone ass( and looks BORED while he does it), and Edison Chen kicks Shawn Yue's ass and Shawn Yue kicks his own ass and loses to every single cock in the show.

No wonder they don't get along. I mean, if I were Shawn Yue I would hate Edison Chen too.

But that's not the funny part, if you watch the show carefully, you would realise that Jay Chou will probably have less than two pages worth of actual TALKING in the show.

Most of the time he just LOOKS COOL!

When he washes cars he looks cool, when he drives he looks cool.

Even when he is choking he looks cool. WTF!

And his Script consists of sentences that are three words long. (FIVE ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM)"

Wo2 Zhou3 Le4."

"Kan4 Zhe4 Ban4 Ba4"

"Ni3 Hu2 Shuo1"

It's damn retarded! And he has one expression throughout the entire movie!

And the one scene when he finds out that his girlfriend is a prostitute and he is SUPPOSED to be CRYING in the car he looks like he is trying to decide what to buy for dinner.

I rest my case.

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