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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Its heartening to see my mum trying to pick up IT again.

Since leaving the workforce almost 20 years ago to take care of this family, she has since lost touch with the world, sad to say. I still remember her as a very fast typist. She could effectively type out a 10 page report within a few minutes.

But since giving up the office suit for the apron, she has work relentlessly to make sure we get our hot meals, our clothes washed and everything to make sure the whole family runs smoothly.

Fast forward 20 years later, here she is pickin up the mouse and keyboard again. Why? To search for "ang baos" on the Net. Amazing isnt it? Since starting on her ang bao collection 2 yrs back, she has been tryin all means and ways to look for new and exotic ang baos designs.

And just last week, she has taken her search on the Net.

Whats the white thing on the screen huh?

How to control the white thing?

How to go down the page?

How to see the next page?

Its really amazing, i tell you, what passion can make a person do. Despite the fact she's IT illiterate, the desire to search out all the ang baos she can lay her hands on has make her come out of the shell to pick up a new skill again.

Kudos to the Mum.

Signz, the weekend has come and gone in a flash.

let me see..

BBQ @ Marina South



Round-Island Drive


Dinner at Genki
(so pissed off with the stuff there. Forgot our order. So decided to play around with the staff there and pretented to be angry and talk loudly to the funnny..and from then on all our ordes were served ALMOST IMMEDIATELY.. )

Awwww. . . another great weekend out.

Anyway have a good time at your orientation pal! Had a fabulous dinner and recalling those good old times. Its always sad to hear things are not goin really well in your life... but i guess u jus gotta hang on there yah?

Its gonna b a start of a new chapter n your life and I wish you all the best.

From the bottom of my heart.

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