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Monday, July 04, 2005


I love being tall...or for the matter of fact...taller than the people around me.

In fact i dun consider myself human standards.

I hate it when people always say.."wah you very tall leh", or "wah how tall are you", or "wei, i dun like to stand beside u, u r so tall"

Hello! Get that clear ok? I am NOT are SHORT!

I am only a humble 1830 mm tall..

But then again, when 90% of your fellow country men are alot less than that height, its always an advantage.

Fresher air.

Better view

You get to "look down" on ppl.

Ur self confidence gets a shot in the arm

U can bald in your head and no one will ever notice.

You need not jost for space when attending crowded concerts, jus see from the back can already lar.

You get to see one end of the train to the other, even at peak hours. How many ppl can booast of that?

You dun have ppl yawning at your face.

Hur hur hur...can u beat that?

It feels good to be a absurdly unreasonable bastard at times .. making fun of short people....


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