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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Now that the case has ended, time for a summary

Susan Long
Credit to Susan Long for investigative journalism couched as a commentary. Her source was outstanding.

Appears to be living in a world of his own. His only argument was that it was not a gold tap and that it was $990 and not $1,000. Had no clue about morality, integrity and fair play. Using the suffering of the unfortunate to feather his nest and that of his family. Had no clue that giving his wife a car whose expenses were paid by donors is inherently wrong and evil.

NKF Board

Failed as a governing body in fulfilling its mission. Mislead the public by making false and misleading statements on more than one occasion.

Obviously had no clue what the organisation was doing at all.

Davinder Singh
Lead Defence CouncilOutstanding litigator who was given a god sent opportunity to display a masterful stoke of offensive litigation while in the defendent's camp. Took the plaintiff down the garden path and made him clean up the leaves, trim the roses and bag the refuse voluntarily.

Tan Lee Meng
Judge Screwed the shit out of NKF for throwing in a fresh claim for damages at the start of the trial and awarding cost. After that was on autopilot as Plaintiff proceeded to hang himself in slow motion. No judgement required

As usual had absolute monopoly of the media and used it to maximum benefit. Smart enough to pick Susan Long who has yet to write a single friendly piece on the Lee regime despite her long tenure and highly credentialled background.

Mr Tan
The sub-contactor and sourceMay you live a long and healthy life. Instead of taking the money for the job, your scream at Kim Keat that fateful day in 1994 took 11 long years but it did more than bunch of imbeciles in Parliament to correct a wrong


Despite huge reserves that could take them for 30 years without raising a single cent based on current operating financials, you continued to mislead the public. You had only 2,000 patients but gave the impression that there were thousands more. Pui!

It was also sad to learn that 78% of the patients cost was paid by the patient himself with only 22 actually coming from NKF. It must be the biggest single ripoff that I ever seen. You guys are worst than lowlife.

The Government
Had failed miserably in allowing mismanagement of this magnitude for so long.

The ablove is shamelessly ripped..:)


Anonymous said...

wahseh.. all ur comments on NKF scandal! phew weet!!!
nice wan man.. i have a fren who does a monthly donation to NKF. now that the news is out. she immediately stopped her donation. when asked wat spurred u to donate? "I have a feeling that I might have kidney failure one day" hmm... speechless...

Anonymous said...

forgot to tell ya... its me...stef here. ekekek

candy said...

gahaha stef?? loll...yr friend funnny