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Sunday, July 10, 2005

July 9, 2005

I READ the report that two ex-Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) regulars will be discharged from service following their conviction and sentencing for their involvement in the dunking incident ("CJ raises jail terms of commandos", July 8) with concern.

I do not wish to question the wisdom of the court in meting out its sentence. The judgement has been passed and those responsible are being punished accordingly.

But why does the SAF make it a general rule to discharge regulars who have served jail sentences?

These two servicemen are decorated soldiers of our elite commando forces. Not only have they served the nation well up to this point, but they will most certainly be well-equipped to give many more years of service. It is also clear to me that neither of them had set out intentionally for the tragedy to occur.

In the spirit of the Yellow Ribbon Project — calling for the employment of ex-convicts — should the SAF not consider accepting these men back on the basis of their past contributions, their elite skill and knowledge in military craft?

And the fact that their common experiences over this unfortunate incident would now make them better officers?

The Government must make itself a role model for helping to re-integrate ex-convicts back to society. It should believe in the Singapore Prison Service's rehabilitation efforts.

It must not be perceived to be applying double standards.


DECORATED? Decorate my fucking darn arse!

The only GOD DARN THING CJ forgot to "decorate" was their backside!

Private sector sacked their staff who goes to prison anyway. Why should SAF be different?

What decorated soldiers? Did they fight in a war? Did they sacrifice for Singapore?

No lah, they went for extra pay and more possibilites of career advancement...

Be real.

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